Babi two point zero

The late night blog is the curse of the working parent.  Still, reflecting on my little ones’ technological advances makes washing the dishes seem less of a chore.

The big little person (now 3 years and 3 months) started full-time school nursery at the beginning of the month and her language and communication skills have improved.  She is increasingly curious about the different apps on my iPhone, she wants to know what they are all for and is generally disappointed to find access to our external hard drive or the news headlines.  Her new favourite is Spotify although she can’t navigate it, she hands me the phone and says “I want ‘Mi Welais Jac y Do‘ please”.  We need to teach her some new songs.

The littlest little person is a few days short of 11 months old so I think it’s time she started earning her keep.

She was 8 months when she first showed any interest in a Smart Phone, Babi number one was watching a cartoon and it held Babi 2’s interest for around 10 seconds.  From around 10 months she started to pick the phone up and play with the touch screen so those would have been her first conscious interactions with it and I assume the realisation that “if I touch the screen the pictures move”.  I have not noticed her try to replicate the effect on books or magazines.

This week I gave her the iPhone with Toca Band open and running but no instruments selected. Within seconds she had dragged one of the characters onto the stage area causing it to play a tune and was so pleased with herself she spent a good 2 minutes bouncing up and down in time to the music.  So now we also have “if I touch the screen it sometimes makes a noise” added in to the mix.