We took Jen Hughes’ advice and tried out the TACU app. It’s lots of fun and if you use your imagination, educational too. I asked my girls to tell me what eggs would say if they could talk, here’s the result!


Over Christmas I reorganised the home pages on my iPhone to put all the child friendly apps in one place, I also downloaded a few new ones to try and promptly forgot I’d done any of it.
Now that she’s a proficient sideswiper, I let Babi1.0 play with the phone in the mornings while I’m changing Babi2.0’s nappy or grabbing an extra 5 minutes in bed. She can easily navigate to ‘her page’ and find something to explore. This happens 2 or 3 times a week and other than keeping half an eye to check she’s not discovered any hidden in-app purchases I’ve pretty much left her to it.

About a fortnight ago she started asking if she could play ‘spider skinny blocks’. Umm what’s that!? Turns out it’s a Toca Boca building game. I asked her to show me how it works and then sat pretty gobsmacked as she demonstrated a fairly complex series of maneuvers and built a pink and purple wall. Later I had a look at what she’d been up to and found 5 other levels she’d been working on. Thumbs up again to Toca Boca for that one.

Feeling fairly proud of my girl I started scrolling through my photos, only they weren’t all my photos. Interspersed throughout my snaps of the two Babis playing and my baking exploits I find a series of 30 pictures of my bottom taken at toddler height another 20 or so of dolls, and a few cushions. The photos are taken on different days, it’s something she’s apparently been doing for about a month now. This isn’t something I’ve taught her directly, she has seen it done and worked it out for herself. They are deliberate attempts to take pictures and some of the results are lovely.



22 and a half months!

There’s been an awful lot of Weetabix cleaning this month (wouldn’t it make a brilliant adhesive!?), not to mention the alphabetti spaghetti, felt tipped pen, chocolate handprints…

My most amusing observation this month has to be the reaction to a calculator. I’d left my old one on the coffee table, she spent a good minute looking at it, picked it up, put it to her ear and enquired “Hello?”. Figures, buttons only, point it at the telly, buttons and a screen, must be a phone.

We’ve had a major development in using a smartphone, she’s not finely honed the skill yet but after a few attempts, and she definitely knows what she’s trying to do, she can manage the unlocking finger swipe. A word of warning to anyone attempting to outsmart their toddler with an unlock pattern, those little fingers migrate very quickly to the little red button direct line to the emergency services, no unlocking required!

She hasn’t yet got the dexterity to choose an app but we’ve had lots of fun firing multicoloured balls in Shoot Bubble Deluxe¬†she loves the sound effects, especially when she loses, which is every time as she has no idea about the rules.

Her understanding of the camera function is increasing, she knows that the lens has something to do with the picture and she likes pointing it at people or objects, watching them on the screen and shouting out “Dadi!” or “Babbit!”

This is becoming quite fun, shows what an exciting life I lead. It’s half ten on a Friday evening and I’m looking forward to Googling my favourite fictional characters to see if they have baby friendly websites!

Easter Eggs

Fuelled by chocolate the little one instructed by means of points, grunts and amusing poses that she would like her picture taken. At 21 and a half months this was a first, she’s shown an interest in looking at pictures on my phone before but never communicated that she in any way understood the concept. What really tipped my geeky joy into overdrive was that she pointed at the sofa in the picture and then to the real sofa and said “Oh!” and then again to the pictures in the background “Oh!”.