Six tried and tested Android Babi apps

Android Apps

Baby Toy  – Babi loved it 10months+ nice pictures and it makes lots of fun sounds. The fun sounds can all be played at the same time so it eventually drove me mad! The phone locking pattern is a nice idea but was easily unlocked by my little one.

Talking Tom Cat (free version) caused no end of tantrums (“Eee-ow! Ee-ow! MINE!!!”) and as amusing as it was to hear Tom squawking back, the constant prompts to update or buy add-ons completely detracted from the  joy of having a very cute kitty talk to you. I appreciate that it wasn’t designed as a child friendly app, you can disable the “allow violence” feature, but even as an adult time-waster it’s more frustrating than fun.

Shoot Bubble Deluxe again not designed to be a child friendly app but lots of fun for little fingers. You tap the screen, it fires a coloured ball, it makes a funny sound, Babi giggles, hours of fun!

Lauren's Skitch
Artwork by the beautiful and brilliant Lauren aged 2 and three quarters who happens to have a learning disability.

Skitchcomes highly recommended for its ease of use, a friend’s little one worked out how to scribble a picture in seconds and was published on t’internet within minutes.

Baby Bus have lots of free apps for Android. We have been playing with three; letters, numbers and shapes.  The alphabet one is good fun once you get the hang of the controls although I couldn’t work out how to move past the first level, I’ll put that down to my phone being a bit naff!  Couldn’t get numbers to run without crashing the phone, again I’ll blame my phone but be wary if you’re short on memory. Babi likes the shapes one best of all because it’s easiest to understand but it is very repetitive and even she got bored of finding all the squares, crescents and “rounds”.  Not bad for a freebie and kept Babi (26 months) entertained for a good half hour.