Sticky Fingers

My usual approach with new Apps or devices is to let Babi work it out for herself but this month I gave in and tried to teach her how to use a track pad.  She is still convinced that my MacBook has a faulty screen.  I am sure that she thinks I’m a bit stupid for not having it fixed.  She gives me the same incredulous look I used to give my Mother when she talked about black and white telly.

We were playing a Peppa Pig game where you drag different characters onto the stage and they each play a different instrument.  Babi’s logic tells her to touch the character she wants and drag her finger across the screen to move it.  Half way across the screen she realises that something isn’t right, maybe she didn’t press hard enough.  On the third attempt I explain, no, that doesn’t work. “Broken Mummy?”IMG639

I tell her to watch the cursor, get her to wiggle her finger on the track-pad, watch the cursor, wiggle some more, see if you can draw a square… ‘That’s very clever Mummy”.  I ask her to choose a character, she puts her finger on the screen.

We ended up playing together with me controlling the cursor and her telling me what to do.  Every time I got it wrong her hand jumped straight to the screen to fix it.