Babies and Bears

It’s 11pm Friday evening and I’m travelling home after an amazing couple of days in Berlin.  There’s no internet as I’m on a coach but that’s not going to stop me writing!  Anyone who likes the Babitech facebook page will know that I submitted an abstract for the PLE conference, I thought it was about time I shared my work with a wider audience and I wanted some ideas about where to take this.  It was accepted but rather than the short presentation I had offered, I was asked to write a paper.  Life in babitech HQ got even busier than usual but thanks to Dadi and my wonderfully supportive family, I did it.



18 months ago this was a pipe-dream over coffee and chocolate in a kitchen in France.  This morning I was stood in front of a packed room in Beuth University of Applied Sciences talking about how kids like Babi are the smart-citizens of the future.

And the best bit, far more important than talking at a room full of people, was that I got to hear what each one of them thought about it.  If you were there, thank you!

I’m still trying to process the feedback and the discussions, there were lots of suggestions as to what I could do next, essential reading, research questions, ethnography, psychologists I should study, learning theories I should re-visit,  but the one thing that came through loud and clear was that the Babitech blog must continue. 

Doompadee doo!

I just emailed Vtech UK to ask what research they base their toy design on and whether they have anything published I could read. I imagine an office full of Oompa-Loompas is now in the middle of a full scale argument about secret ingredients and fairy dust!

The Plan

Purely because I thought it would be interesting and I don’t think it has been done already, I’m going to track my baby’s (and any other babies i can get my hands on!) developmental milestones – but rather than the block-stacking, finger-thumb-opposition kind I’m looking at the TV remote, mobile device, smart-phone, laptop sort of thing.

Now when I say track, I mean a mum style track, the occasional update when I get time off from scrubbing Weetabix off the wallpaper. I’m not obsessive enough to chart her daily progress and I don’t think that would be healthy for either of us.

To keep it interesting I’ll also blog about and review baby friendly apps and other baby techy stuff. If you know of something good or have something you’d like reviewing let me know. I’m a geek at heart!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who wants to share their baby’s technology milestones – add a comment or email me.