Sticky Fingers

My usual approach with new Apps or devices is to let Babi work it out for herself but this month I gave in and tried to teach her how to use a track pad.  She is still convinced that my MacBook has a faulty screen.  I am sure that she thinks I’m a bit stupid for not having it fixed.  She gives me the same incredulous look I used to give my Mother when she talked about black and white telly.

We were playing a Peppa Pig game where you drag different characters onto the stage and they each play a different instrument.  Babi’s logic tells her to touch the character she wants and drag her finger across the screen to move it.  Half way across the screen she realises that something isn’t right, maybe she didn’t press hard enough.  On the third attempt I explain, no, that doesn’t work. “Broken Mummy?”IMG639

I tell her to watch the cursor, get her to wiggle her finger on the track-pad, watch the cursor, wiggle some more, see if you can draw a square… ‘That’s very clever Mummy”.  I ask her to choose a character, she puts her finger on the screen.

We ended up playing together with me controlling the cursor and her telling me what to do.  Every time I got it wrong her hand jumped straight to the screen to fix it.

Half Birthday

We celebrate half birthdays here in the Babitech house, it’s a great excuse to eat more cake. I think the little one gets a rough deal as her half birthday is on Christmas day but it’ll be a few years before she works that one out.

30 months have flown by and our baby has become a little girl. She can turn on the tv with the remote or the button, unlock a touch screen mobile phone, play simple games on a laptop, phone or tablet, adjust volume and brightness, pause and re-start a youtube video, recognise letters and numbers on a keyboard and switch things off when she’s had enough of them. However she still can’t quite believe that a MacBookPro screen doesn’t respond to her swiping it!



Babi2.0 arrived 10 weeks ago, she’s not interested unless there’s a milk app.

Give it a bash!

I always thought that banging on the top of the telly or tapping the remote on the coffee table was a practice confined to my grandparents’ generation, but this month BabiTech can confirm that it is a natural human reflex.  Now 26.5 months old, Babi’s first reaction to a technology fail is to tap the screen.  If that doesn’t work, you’ve guessed it, she tries switching it off and on again!

Over the last six weeks or so our little one has watched her first streamed film (Gnomeo and Juliet) and has played her first computer games.  I’m still reeling that she managed to beat me on Google Doodle basketball during the Olympics but she had previously had some practice with space-bar action tossing pancakes for Daddy Pig.

By far the most engaging and imaginative games I’ve found this month are on the Cbeebies website, with your permission, the site switches your webcam on at certain points during the games so it looks like the game player is there on screen.  Babi was pretty amazed to see herself sitting on the NinkyNonk alongside IgglePiggle and blown away by the sparkly magic of the Tree Foo Tom interactive adventures.  You have to move your hands in a certain pattern to “make the magic”.  I’ve not experimented with it yet to find out how it works but it’s pretty clever, and if I get caught playing toddler games I may never live it down!


Yet again the month has flown by and Babi has become considerably more stroppy, more demanding, more loud and more cute whilst I have become tireder and larger around the middle.

I was worrying that there may be nothing to report in my 25 month update but then Babi discovered the world changing phenomenon that is on-line tv on demand.  Babi’s grandparents have a magical TV which records every episode of Piggle and Uppa Dee-Dee, but this is special to Booky and Taid’s house.  We have an inferior machine which stops working at 7pm (thank you CBeebies!).

Last week my need to just sit down became so great that I introduced Babi to unlimited episodes of that annoying pink pig and her family.  The result being that every time she catches sight of my laptop she now points and shouts Pigga! And proceeds to get very upset, stroppy, demanding and loud.