The Grandparent Effect

We recently returned from a week away in Bluestone where I partly embraced the “free-range” ethos and switched off my laptop for a few days.  The rest of the family had other ideas.  Babi is not such a babi these days, 2 years 10 months and she was showing her Mamgu how to use an iPad.  Given that we don’t have any type of tablet at home, this was Taid’s iPad, I’m still surprised at how confidently she handled it.  She picked it up, unlocked the screen, chose the app she wanted (Toca band), played it, exited it and put it back away like it was any other toy.

Later that day I was reading my Kindle (I did say partly embraced).  Babi believes that Mamgu’s touchscreen Kindle can access any story that she  can imagine but Mammy’s Kindle, being an older and more basic model, is merely a digital copy of Winnie the Pooh.

Babi2.0 is now 6 months old, she is only interested in things she can eat.  She has participated in on-line meetings and Skyped her Grandparents but her interaction still stops at slobbering on the keyboard.