Taking advantage

Babi2.0 is off nursery with a fever, I’ve been entertaining her with my Kindle Fire, iPhone, and tv remote (as well as jigsaw puzzles, paints and toys, it’s not all tech!) She has mastered Amazon Prime kids shows, the Peppa pig painting app, a Frozen version of candy crush, drawing number shapes with Cyw, matching picture pairs with BenDant and hairdressing with TocaBoca. But my personal favourite is that she has worked out how ear-phones work! IMG_4376.JPG

Although I’m glad she hasn’t cracked my iPhone password.



4 thoughts on “Taking advantage

  1. Allan Dixon says:

    I’m not sure who said it but “If you grow up with it, it’s not technology. it’s just the way the world is.”
    Very Cute.

    • babitechadmin says:

      Yes! Both my kids get very frustrated when they can’t operate the tv or computer screen by touch. It’s obvious to them that the world should be that way. I’m looking forward to introducing them to retro technologies like cassetes and videos, minds blown! 😉

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