PLE 2014

Two things happened at PLE2013 which inspired this session.

Firstly, lots of people came up to me with stories to share.

Secondly, Ilona Buchem suggested I should “Do an ethnography”

Ethnography – to explore a cultural phenomena and reflect the knowledge and the system of meanings in the lives of the cultural group.

So I decided to compile a digital ethnography, it’s no where near complete – that’s where you come in!

I want to collect anecdotal evidence in the form of stories about learning in families and about social learning, particularly involving technology,  pre school aged children and intergenerational learning.

I will publish them all on here and make a podcast too.

If you don’t make it to the session you can still contribute;

  • Record  your story on AudioBoo and tag it #babitech and #pleconf
  • Share your story with @Babi_Tech on Twitter
  • Or type your story in the comments.

Here’s one to start you off…



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