I a my three!

Babi recently had her third birthday and to celebrate three years of motherhood I upgraded my LG smartphone to an iPhone. I have officially gone over to the dark-side.  I got a little bit baby app happy so now Babi has a hairdressing app, an app to cook for monsters, an app for dressing up pixies and an app for making music.  I’ve been blown away by the ease with which she interacts with this stuff.  She’s not spending long with it, 10 un-supervised minutes in the mornings while I’m feeding Babi2.0 or getting dressed, 3 mornings a week over a fortnight, so that’s what, an hour of exposure to the iPhone apps and already she has learned conventions such as a cross closes the app or window, a door takes her to a different virtual environment, a camera will take a snapshot of what’s on the screen, the “Big Button” takes her back to the home screen where she can choose another app.

Most suprising of all is that her favourite app is none of the above.  She calls it “Dime” (dim-er from a Welsh nursery rhyme), she pesters me for it, she sulks when she’s denied it (regularly).  It’s also my favourite app and probably for the same reasons.  You can create, record and edit sounds with it. Yes, my three year old’s app of choice is GarageBand!


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