Give it a bash!

I always thought that banging on the top of the telly or tapping the remote on the coffee table was a practice confined to my grandparents’ generation, but this month BabiTech can confirm that it is a natural human reflex.  Now 26.5 months old, Babi’s first reaction to a technology fail is to tap the screen.  If that doesn’t work, you’ve guessed it, she tries switching it off and on again!

Over the last six weeks or so our little one has watched her first streamed film (Gnomeo and Juliet) and has played her first computer games.  I’m still reeling that she managed to beat me on Google Doodle basketball during the Olympics but she had previously had some practice with space-bar action tossing pancakes for Daddy Pig.

By far the most engaging and imaginative games I’ve found this month are on the Cbeebies website, with your permission, the site switches your webcam on at certain points during the games so it looks like the game player is there on screen.  Babi was pretty amazed to see herself sitting on the NinkyNonk alongside IgglePiggle and blown away by the sparkly magic of the Tree Foo Tom interactive adventures.  You have to move your hands in a certain pattern to “make the magic”.  I’ve not experimented with it yet to find out how it works but it’s pretty clever, and if I get caught playing toddler games I may never live it down!


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