Yet again the month has flown by and Babi has become considerably more stroppy, more demanding, more loud and more cute whilst I have become tireder and larger around the middle.

I was worrying that there may be nothing to report in my 25 month update but then Babi discovered the world changing phenomenon that is on-line tv on demand.  Babi’s grandparents have a magical TV which records every episode of Piggle and Uppa Dee-Dee, but this is special to Booky and Taid’s house.  We have an inferior machine which stops working at 7pm (thank you CBeebies!).

Last week my need to just sit down became so great that I introduced Babi to unlimited episodes of that annoying pink pig and her family.  The result being that every time she catches sight of my laptop she now points and shouts Pigga! And proceeds to get very upset, stroppy, demanding and loud.

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