The Plan

Purely because I thought it would be interesting and I don’t think it has been done already, I’m going to track my baby’s (and any other babies i can get my hands on!) developmental milestones – but rather than the block-stacking, finger-thumb-opposition kind I’m looking at the TV remote, mobile device, smart-phone, laptop sort of thing.

Now when I say track, I mean a mum style track, the occasional update when I get time off from scrubbing Weetabix off the wallpaper. I’m not obsessive enough to chart her daily progress and I don’t think that would be healthy for either of us.

To keep it interesting I’ll also blog about and review baby friendly apps and other baby techy stuff. If you know of something good or have something you’d like reviewing let me know. I’m a geek at heart!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who wants to share their baby’s technology milestones – add a comment or email me.

8 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. jen hughes says:

    BTW G**** (2y8m) has definite preference for the 2 macbook pros in the house for watching / playing on because she has sussed the 2 finger stroke on the keypad for (randomly) making things move – which doesn’t happen on the PC. But well confusing because Dewi has his stroke settings the other way around from mine! (I stroke up to scroll down, he is the opposite)

  2. jen hughes says:

    I can’t recall exactly but between 13- 16 months G**** knew that you could talk into a phone – had plastic mobiles and thought the remote control was a phone and would happily talk to it.

    Since age 2 she can scroll the iPhone knowing there is a game which makes animal sounds that she likes. She can find the game on her own if you show her each time where it is but forgets by the next time. But has got the idea of scrolling sideways and clicking on an application.

  3. KArin Crimmins says:

    Lauren knows what a remote control is for, no doubt about it – i’ll try and get a photo of her pointing pressing it!

    There is youtube video of a baby trying to side swipe a magazine – which is perhaps not so good!!

  4. jenpontydysgu says:

    I LOVE the idea of babies being bright enough to generalise about e.g side swiping images in order to get them to change. In this particular instance it was a teeny weeny insy winsy bit off track but the fact they can grasp the concept and try and transfer it to new context I think is awesome.

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